Limb lengthening at the BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE

Increased height thanks to the latest innovative limb lengthening methods

Your wish to increase your height can become reality at the BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE in Freiburg. It is made possible thanks to in-depth specialist medical knowledge, a unique operating method, knowledge gained from years of research work and experience accumulated from hundreds of successful limb lengthening operations. As a patient you will benefit from the gentlest operating technique, which has been proven in over 1500 minimally invasive limb lengthening operations.

BETZBONE®, the solution for longer limbs and greater height

Patients who come to us wish to be taller. We can make this happen with a cosmetic limb lengthening procedure. Dr. Axel Becker uses an operating technique which he has perfected for this cosmetic operation. It leads to the appearance of only the smallest scars, which are hardly visible at a later stage.

As a patient of ours you will benefit from many years of experience in the field of cosmetic limb lengthening, gained by Dr. Axel Becker, a specialist in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery.

Highest standards
latest techniques
no fixator
unique treatment method

The future today: Limb lengthening – excellence in Germany

The internal limb lengthening method with the BETZBONE® telescopic nail which we have developed provides patients with incalculable advantages when compared with other extension nails and external fixator:

Limb lengthening at the BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE

From the initial contact about the operation right through to consolidation

Consultation for lengthening of upper and/or lower leg

Detailed consultations, discussions over several hours, discussion of wishes for treatment, clinical examinations, diagnostic imaging, X-ray images together with evaluation, simulation. We also offer you the possibility of comparing notes with patients who have already undergone an operation.

Arrangement of operation appointment

Have you decided on limb lengthening after extensive pre-operation discussions? Arrange your limb lengthening operation at the BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE. Please plan your arrival at our clinic two days in advance of the operation date.

Preparation for the operation

It is necessary to arrive at least 48 hours BEFORE the operation. The legally required written informative and consent formalities will take place together with preliminary examinations, operation preparations, laboratory examinations and consultation regarding anesthesia.

Limb lengthening operation

Your limb lengthening operation will be carried out by Dr. Axel Becker exclusively and it will last for between two and a half and four hours depending on the type of surgery. The operation is minimally invasive thanks to the BETZBONE® method. It is possible for the legs to bear weight from the actual day of the operation.

Stay in the clinic

You will remain with us as an inpatient for around 3-4 days. A period of rehabilitation and training will follow from day 4 up to day 14, which is supported and organised by ourselves. You can decide to lengthen your stays in the respective residence as desired on an individual basis.

Lengthening phase with clicking mechanism

The lengthening phase starts 5-7 days after the operation for the upper leg and after 9-10 days for the lower leg. Once you have received detailed instructions you will use the simple clicking mechanism without electronic components for this purpose.

Consolidation phase

The consolidation phase begins as soon as the desired lengthening has been achieved. This phase is worked towards from the very day of the operation by taking valuable minerals and vitamins. 

"Our operating method is STATE OF THE ART and in demand internationally."

Dr. Axel Becker, specialist in cosmetic limb lengthening, specialist in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery

Limb lengthening

Limb Lengthening follows the biological principle of distraction osteogenesis, also referred to as callus distraction. The surgical procedure is used for the correction of bone anomalies and also for the lengthening of bones.

The bone requiring lengthening is cut through surgically and the two halves are slowly and continuously moved apart along the longitudinal axis over a period of weeks. New endogenous bone mass is formed between the two fragments of the bone during this process.

Distraction phase

Consolidation phase

When the desired correction or size has been reached, the body completes healing in the bone gap. The speed of bony healing depends on many factors (genetics, nutrition, mobility and physical activity), but generally takes at least as long as the lengthening itself. During distraction osteogenesis only the bone is lengthened with the implant. The surrounding soft tissue (muscles, tendons, nerves) has to be stretched to the same extent through independent stretching exercises and thus also continuously lengthened. Limb lengthening can be carried out on both the upper leg (femur) and on the lower leg (tibia) with intramedullary systems.

Important information about fully implantable distraction nails


Fully implantable distraction nails have been developed since the 1980s so that the possibilities of callus distraction can be used without having to deal with the disadvantages of external fixators. Conventional nails made of steel or titanium have been used in the treatment of fractures for over 50 years. All the distraction nails available globally at present are based on such nails. These can be divided roughly into three categories:

Mechanical nails

The Albizzia® is a mechanical distraction nail developed by Drs. Guichet and Grammont. The extension is realised through rotating back-and-forth movements of the leg in question by 20° until there is an audible clicking sound.

Good to know: The BETZBONEÒ developed by Dr Betz is a further development, modification and improvement of the Albizzia®.

Optimisations Albizzia®-BETZBONE®

The Fitbone II® was developed by Prof. Betz. It is a further development of the Fitbone I® developed by Prof. Betz and Prof. Baumgart. Fitbone I® is however only used very infrequently. The lengthening of the nail is brought about by an electric motor inside the nail which is supplied with energy from outside (application of a transmitter through the skin).


Electrical and magnetic nails

Early limb lengthening equipment which is not used in the BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE in Freiburg.

A few examples and our experiences with earlier external limb lengthening methods:

Ring fixator for limb lengthening

The ring fixator is the classical Ilizarov fixator with a broad indication spectrum. It is primarily used for trauma or reconstructive procedures. It is not used at the BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE.  

LON (Lengthening Over Nail) for limb lengthening

Describes the combination of an external and an internal process: a solid nail provides stability on the inside, comparable with a surgical pin. The fixator on the outside performs the movement function. The distance at the end of the lengthening is maintained through static locking; the fixator has then served its purpose externally and it can be removed. This method combines the risks of internal and external processes.

What about having an operation in Germany, in the university city of Freiburg?

One of the world's leading specialists in minimally invasive limb lengthening procedures performs operations here: Specialist in plastic, cosmetic, reconstructive surgery and for orthopaedics and trauma surgery.

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