BETZBONE® The intelligent limb lengthening system for the highest medical demands is unique

Details and small things which make all the difference

BETZBONE®, the limb lengthening system for internal limb lengthening, is unrivalled. BETZBONE® consigns many problems of other extension nails to history. BETZBONE® is a representation of many years of responsible research and medical innovation. A system for limb lengthening that meets all the criteria necessary for success. That was our precise development objective: A mechanical limb lengthening system that:

Research commitment and development for the benefit of patients: BETZBONE® sets standards

“It is always the small details which make decisive differences. Unique techniques, the smallest scars, perfect results. That is what I focus on.”

Dr. Axel Becker, specialist in cosmetic limb lengthening, specialist in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery

BETZBONE® offers the following advantages/features/benefits

The BETZBONE® limb lengthening nail in comparison with other products

ProductStabilityLimb lengthening capacity
FITBONEPart load6 cm
PRECICEPart load8 cm

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