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BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE for limb lengthening at the Freiburg location is a continuation of the world-renowned BETZ INSTITUTE® with its clinic and institute previously located in the Saarland region of Germany. Knowledge from highly specialised medical disciplines and advanced operating methods and the implementation of visionary research outcomes in the field of limb lengthening come together here. Many years of close cooperation between the founder of the BETZ INSTITUTE Professor A. Betz and Dr. Axel Becker led to the formation of the BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE in Baden-Württemberg.

"Do you have any questions about cosmetic limb lengthening? I will be delighted to inform you personally about what may be possible for you."

Dr. Axel Becker, specialist in aesthetic leg lengthening

BETZ-INSTITUTE founder Prof. Augustin Betz

Prof. Augustin Betz is the founder of the BETZ INSTITUTE® and he is renowned internationally as one of the best surgeons in his field. He has perfected minimally invasive techniques for limb lengthening over a period of more than 20 years. This has made him one of the most experienced cosmetic and reconstructive orthopaedic surgeons in the field of limb lengthening.

The BETZBONE® limb lengthening technology developed by Prof. A. Betz is now being developed to new levels of perfection by his long-term cooperation partner and successor Dr. Axel Becker and it is used in the current lengthening concept at the BECKER-BETZ-INSTITUTE in Freiburg.

20 years of perfection
minimally invasive technique
Dr. Axel Becker
highest aesthetic standards

Dr. Axel Becker is one of the world’s leading limb lengthening specialists

“Since the very start of my medical career as a specialist in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and an orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, I have focused on the special area of limb lengthening through intramedullary load-bearing elements. The possibility of helping patients who suffer because of their short stature has been a key driving force up to the present day. My various specialist medical trainings combine orthopaedics and surgery with cosmetic requirements.

The priority in this is the excellent, sustainable therapeutic success of my patients.

Specialist area: Cosmetic limb lengthening

In 2013 I designed my first fully implantable nail for limb lengthening. I got to know Prof. Betz and the BETZ INSTITUTE® while undertaking the development of this nail. The nail developed there (BETZBONE) overcame all the issues which concerned me with other implants. This marked the beginning of the successful collaboration and cooperation which has continued to this day. I use the limb lengthening method with BETZBONE®, which I developed, and which is in demand internationally, very successfully in my practical and practice clinic BECKER-BETZ-INSTITUTE in Freiburg.”

“We are aware of, and we take into consideration the individuality, culture and the values of our patients from a very wide range of countries and cultural milieux.”

Dr. Axel Becker

Distinctive established character and internationally renowned limb lengthening specialists

Our clinic is unique in terms of its orientation and way of working. We concentrate exclusively on the operative limb lengthening of the upper and lower leg. While doing so we set the highest worldwide standards with the minimally invasive operating technique and the use of the BETZBONE® extension nail. Proven in hundreds of operations. Experience which is reflected in the quality and benefits you as a patient.

Surgeons, anaesthetists, radiologists, physiotherapists, nurses, patient support workers

Together with the founder of the clinic Dr. Axel Becker, a team of specialists in the fields of anaesthesia, radiology, physiotherapy, healthcare and patient support meet the highest standards for visionary operation techniques and medical care. You receive effective therapeutic treatment, optimum care and individual training plans for swift mobilisation following the limb lengthening operation.

We do everything possible to make you feel comfortable during your stay

We foster a family atmosphere of trust and security. With established expertise, first-class medical skills, the most up-to-date operating techniques, hotel levels of comfort and the human touch, we meet the highest requirements for a practice clinic with inpatient stays.

Travel information

Are you coming to our private clinic by plane, by car, by train or by bus? We have compiled important travel information for you.


All-round patient support by the BECKER-BETZ INSTITUTE team. We deal with the following:

 International Office: Do you want to arrange direct contact and a detailed consultation discussion with Dr. Axel Becker? Call us on 0761- xxxxx or use the contact form.

State of the art operating methods for limb lengthening at the BECKER-BETZ-INSTITUTE Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg.

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