BECKER-BETZ-INSTITUTE: State of the art surgery for minimally invasive limb lengthening

Private clinic for cosmetic limb lengthening in Freiburg

At our private clinic in Freiburg we meet patient requirements for high class surgery, quality of service and an excellent clinical culture for people who desire an improvement to their aesthetic sense of well-being. We set global standards in the specialised field of minimally invasive limb lengthening with just one operation and immediate mobilisation without a wheelchair. The BETZBONE® limb lengthening technology developed by Dr. Becker and Dr. Betz is a unique treatment method. This secures our place among the leading global limb lengthening specialists.

Limb lengthening technology for patients throughout the world

 Limb lengthening: The surgical know-how and skill of Dr. Axel Becker attract people from all over the world. BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE patients come from the USA, from Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Russia, Brazil and from all over Europe. This ensures that we are used to adjusting to very different mindsets.

We will be pleased to provide you with detailed advice with the highest level of discretion.

“Ich bin überglücklich mit den Ergebnissen meiner Beinverlängerung im Betz Institute in Freiburg! Die gesamte Erfahrung, von der Beratung bis zur Nachsorge, war außergewöhnlich. Das erfahrene und fürsorgliche Team hat mich unterstützt, und mein gesteigertes Selbstvertrauen ist ein Beweis für den Erfolg des Eingriffs. Ich empfehle das Betz Institute wärmstens für jeden, der eine Beinverlängerung in Erwägung zieht – sie haben mein Leben wirklich verändert!”

Katherine, USA,

"We set unique standards in the specialised field of limb lengthening. Globally."

Dr. med. Axel Becker, Spezialist für ästhetische Beinverlängerung

Just one operation
Immediate mobilization
Mobilization without a wheelchair
Unique treatment method

Medical skill and visionary research results in the field of limb lengthening which are in demand worldwide

We achieve first-class outcomes for cosmetic limb lengthening. With the BETZBONE® surgical technology for limb lengthening, which was developed in house, we focus on responsible, gentle interventions and short stays in the clinic. The immediate mobilisation is supported by highly-qualified physiotherapists and training professionals on an individual basis.

BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE offers optimal conditions for your limb lengthening operation

Private clinic, practice clinic

Private clinic, practice clinic for the most up-to-date, scientifically-based operation methods and first-class service for inpatient stays. This is where Dr. Axel Becker, an internationally renowned specialist in the field of limb lengthening, carries out his operations.

Limb lengthening at the BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE

Are you interested in cosmetic limb lengthening? Here you can find out important information and details while learning about the limb lengthening process with the BETZBONE® extension nail. From the initial contact about the operation right through to consolidation.

BETZBONE® extension nail

The internal extension system with clicking mechanism has global renown. Benefits:  Stability, controllability, short adjustment period, straightforward patient operation, anti-corrosion material.

Information centre, videos about limb lengthening by Dr. Becker

In the information centre Dr. Becker informs you clearly about the work he undertakes during the limb lengthening process with detailed videos. Find out everything about the BETZBONE® limb lengthening method, experiences of patients, clinic and team.

International Office: Contacting BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE

90% of our patients come to us from abroad. The initial contact is usually made by telephone or email.

You can contact us in the following ways:

Following initial contact we will provide you with information documents and an initial questionnaire.


Our private clinic is located in Freiburg. The university city of Freiburg is one of Germany’s most beautiful and best-known cities. The delightful location in southern Germany close to the border with Switzerland and France, charming atmosphere, water, mountains, vineyards and optimal climatic conditions make Freiburg something very special.

The closest airports are:

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