We answer questions from patients about limb lengthening

Useful information about the limb lengthening treatment at BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE Freiburg, Germany

Yes that works. BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE is the world leader in leg lengthening. We have been researching the topic of cosmetic
leg lengthening for many years, developing surgical techniques and perfecting lengthening nails. 
For many years we have been fulfilling our patients’ desire for greater height with a procedure that is as gentle as possible. 
Our method offers maximum benefits and is superior to all other internal leg lengthening methods.

The speed of the distraction is adjusted individually and depends on many factors.
The daily stretching time has the greatest influence. The more time you devote to stretching, the faster you can lengthen. 
Stretching should be done for at least 2-3 hours every day, which allows you to safely stretch at 0.5 mm per day.
If you increase the stretching time to 5-6 hours/day, you can also extend up to 0.8mm/day.

The extension nail is removed during an outpatient procedure at the BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE after a period of two to three years.

A minimally invasive operation or procedure is characterised by the smallest possible points of entry for the operation. Advantages: 1. The violation of the neighbouring structures and strain on the body is kept to the absolute minimum. 2. The operations are more gentle for patients. 3. Pain and loss of blood are minimised.

The capacity of the BETZBONE in the upper leg is 12.3 cm, in the lower leg 10.0 cm.  No other extension nail available globally can achieve this. Our method therefore makes us leaders in the field.

By way of comparison: A maximum lengthening of 6-8 cm is possible with other internal limb lengthening methods.

The lengthening of both upper legs takes two and a half to three hours. Lengthening of the lower legs takes between four and a half and five hours. We do not carry out simultaneous lengthenings of the upper and lower legs. Such procedures are too risky for patients and only bring difficulties to patients due to the increasing risk.

Yes, all limb lengthening operations at the BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE are carried out under general anaesthetic.

Dr. Becker is one of the most experienced limb lengthening specialists in the world. Limb lengthening procedures with Dr. Axel Becker are minimally invasive operations for which only the smallest incisions are made. This operating method ensures that hardly any soft tissue or muscle tissue is destroyed.  This is extremely gentle for all neighbouring structures and guarantees swift regeneration. The implanted BETZBONE® consists of anti-corrosion material, ruling out the possibility of hazardous rust formation, which may be the case with other extension nails. The BETZBONE® procedure was developed to minimise all possible risks during the operation and the lengthening process.

Sensing pain is a very individual perception. Our patients report pain ranging from the barely perceptible to the acute. Pain can be treated with medication as required. Experience has shown there are two focal points of pain after the operation. The first occurs immediately after the operation and is brought about by swelling and pain of the actual wound. After this the level of pain is reduced rapidly and it again becomes more perceptible as soon as the lengthening process starts.

NO, this is one of the many advantages of the BETZBONE® limb lengthening method. You can place your legs under full load immediately after the operation and you will have mobility on the day of the operation itself.

Yes, we recommend the use of walking aids for longer distances and for your own safety. Small distances at home or at the workplace may be negotiated without crutches.

The so-called lengthening phase begins seven days after the operation. The bone is extended by approximately 1.0 mm every day. Example: 3-4 months are required for a height increase of 9 cm.

The extension nail is removed during an outpatient procedure at the BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE after a period of one to two years.

The BeckerBetzInstitut looks back on many years of experience in the field of limb lengthening. Approximately 200 extensions are carried out per year.

Our patients come to my private clinic in Freiburg from all over the world, for example from the USA, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Russia, Brazil and the whole of Europe.

The costs will vary depending on which operation you wish to have and how long you wish to extend your stay in the clinic for. Ideally you would call us or write to us. We would then be able to provide you with an approximate framework of costs.

Do you have any more questions? Please send us an email or call us. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Dr. med. Axel Becker, specialist in aesthetic leg lengthening

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